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Michael Cameron, Winter Park Mayoral candidate

Thank You

for being a part of our campaign for change in Winter Park.

Meet Michael

Meet Michael Cameron, a dedicated visionary and native son of Winter Park, whose profound connection to our city drives his commitment to unite tradition with progress and lead with integrity, heart, and unwavering dedication.

Every contribution fuels our collective mission to transform Winter Park into a city that balances innovative growth with cherished tradition. Support Michael Cameron's campaign today and invest in a future where every resident thrives.

Join the movement shaping the future of Winter Park; your voice, your efforts, and your passion are crucial in bringing about the change we envision. Step forward, volunteer with us, and be a part of a community-driven journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

  • A cornerstone of Michael's campaign is restoring financial accountability in city governance. He plans to implement transparent, efficient financial practices, ensuring that taxpayer funds are used judiciously and effectively for the benefit of all residents.

  • Revisiting the Orange Avenue Overlay project is high on Michael’s agenda. He recognizes its potential to boost local tax revenue, create job opportunities, and stimulate thoughtful redevelopment, all while maintaining the unique character of Winter Park.

  • Michael is committed to reducing the city tax millage rate to the lowest it has been in 30 years. This goal underscores his dedication to easing the financial burden on residents while maintaining essential city services and infrastructure.

  • Preparing for future economic uncertainties is a pragmatic aspect of Michael’s vision. He aims to increase city reserves, ensuring that Winter Park is well-equipped to handle economic downturns and unexpected fiscal challenges.

  • Central to Michael’s campaign is the creation of a nurturing environment for local businesses. He envisions Winter Park as a haven for entrepreneurship and commerce, where businesses can thrive and contribute to a vibrant local economy.

  • Michael advocates for judicious city spending, particularly regarding property acquisitions. His approach is to prioritize essential expenditures and avoid unnecessary financial commitments, ensuring fiscal health and sustainability for Winter Park.

Campaign Goals

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