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When my family and I started on this journey for the mayoral seat of Winter Park, it was driven by a commitment to our beloved city. As a resident, a devoted family man, and a dedicated business leader, my connection to Winter Park is not just about the place we call home; it's about the community we're part of and the future we envision together.

Running for mayor of Winter Park has been an extraordinary journey. Along the way, we've celebrated our city's rich heritage, engaged in meaningful dialogues about its future, and united under a shared vision of progress and preservation. Our campaign, deeply rooted in the values of integrity, accountability, and community, has sought to reflect the spirit of every household, every street, and every business in Winter Park.

We've broken new ground in local politics by emphasizing the importance of balancing tradition with innovation, highlighting the critical role of sustainable growth, and bringing to the forefront the necessity of supporting our families, local businesses, and the environment. Our discussions on fiscal responsibility, the Orange Avenue Overlay project, and the enhancement of city services through technology have not only sparked important conversations but have also laid the groundwork for the change we strive to achieve.

As someone who understands the significance of numbers in making informed decisions, I recognize the importance of every vote, every opinion, and every contribution to our campaign. The future of Winter Park is in the hands of its residents, and irrespective of the outcome, my dedication to our city remains unwavering. I am committed to collaborating with city leaders, community members, and all stakeholders to continue nurturing a Winter Park that thrives on the values we cherish and the dreams we dare to pursue.

This campaign may be a chapter in our city's history, but the journey we're on together is far from over. My family and I are devoted to finding new ways to serve, to contribute, and to make a difference in the civic life of Winter Park and beyond. I am profoundly grateful for the trust you've placed in me and for the opportunity to lead a campaign that represents our collective aspirations for Winter Park.

From the depths of my heart, I extend my sincerest thanks to each and every one of you. Your support, your voices, and your passion for our city have been the driving force behind this incredible journey. Regardless of the outcome, let's continue to stand united for a Winter Park that harmoniously blends the charm of its past with the promise of a bright future.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Michael Cameron

Dear Friends and Fellow Residents of Winter Park,

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